About Us

AtaBelle, established in 2021, is a kids clothing brand owned by the bubbly and vibrant 4 year old, Atarah.

We at AtaBelle believe that each child is unique and has perspective on who they are from a young age; we therefore invite you on our journey of creative exploration, discovering gifts, talents and purpose. We aim to shine across the racial divide by creating clothing that meets and exceeds the expectations of our little clients, whilst allowing them to explore their individuality.

AtaBelle designs are manufactured from high quality durable material, which is comfortable for kids to play in and allows for easy stain removal. You will be pleased to know that our clothing is hypoallergenic.

Our core values are Integrity, Collaboration, Diversity, Quality and Empowerment; all of which you will find radiating through our designs.

My name is Atarah, my mom gave me this name because I’m a beautiful, bubbly little girl who is full of personality (so I’ve been told). I’m very out-spoken and ask a lot of questions. I love dressing up and taking photos and, I’m surrounded by people who love this about me and are always encouraging me to be myself and shine my light.

This what I would like to do with this platform. I would like to share this platform with other young kids to shine their light. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are a beautiful gift to the world and you are filled with many more beautiful gifts.

God created you to be unique and special. Some people are bubbly and talkative like me, some are quiet and kind, some are playful and like making jokes, some enjoy sports and some enjoy reading or quirky and nerdy. You are wonderful, therefore celebrate who you are, as you are.

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I invite you to come along with me on this journey as I explore my personality, gifts and talents. I also encourage you to share your journey with me. I believe we can learn a lot from each other.

We at AtaBelle believe kids tend to know who they are and what they like from a young age but are often discouraged by the society around them because its not what they expected them to be. We would like this platform to be a place where kids can freely express and explore their personality as they are and know that its ok to be who they are and be different.

We encourage kids to form a sense of identity before the world fills them up with its noise and shoves them into boxes.